Feb 9, 2014



At the moment we are try to get a server hoster for our Event / Team Server!
Soon more updates! We are about to open a Facebook Page for more updates!
We are still searching members (Like modelers, skin makers etc.)! Just add me in Skype or PM me in the MX Simulator forums!

Thanks for reading!


Jan 2, 2014

Track testing


Me (MX_Gh0ST) is working on a little funtrack! This is just a test track to get into it!

More soon! 

Dec 31, 2013

New Rider in the team + updates

Hello all!

Today a new MO'TARDS member joined! => Niklas from GERMANY

The second thing i wanted to say is: 
The blog got now a updated right sidebar with some bikes and tracks! it will be updated daily or once a week!

Greetings MX_Gh0ST'

Dec 26, 2013

Official Member searching post!


Some of you guys asked me in skype: "how to join the MO'TARDS".
Its easy! At the moment we are searching members! Just add me in skype (Skype name @ the right sidebar)
Then i will ride with some of you guys! 

Who is interested just in fun riding or having fun together => JOIN! ;)

Memberlist is at the right sidebar too!!

Dec 24, 2013

Christmas Enduro Ride

Just some pictures of the little chrismas enduro session i had! Enjoy!

Happy Christmas :)

Dec 22, 2013

Random Shot => GAS GAS EC 250

Just a random shot to update the blog! More post with skin and more coming soon!

Greetings MX_Gh0ST'